Investment Real Estate Analysis and Insights

Excel spreadsheets that take give you confidence. Your toolbox for analyzing deals, assessing cash needs and returns, and paying the right price.

“ I can now confidently make offers on new listings almost as fast as I find them. And knowing my cash needs for the few months of construction beyond a GC's schedule is invaluable. ”

David Y.
Investor in Seattle, WA

Model Highlights

Everything you need to confidently assess the viability of your deal flow, faster than you can find potential deals.

Condition Checklist

Never forget to test the faucets, check the gutters and drainage, or the age of the HVAC again.

Input The Way You Think

If taxes are due every quarter, flooring is quoted per sq. ft., and insurance is annual, enter all of them how you think about them.

Monthly Cash Flow

Think about your cash flows the way they will happen: month by month. See how lease-up and renewals change your cash flow.

Annual Cash Flow

Get an overview of returns over your entire projected holding period. How does compound growth effect each line item?

Renovation Budget

Itemize your rehabilitation and view how the down payment and schedule change your cash needs and returns.

Hard Money

Optional hard money bridge loan with points, minimum interest, any amortization, and renewal fees included.

Nothing Locked

Yours to change how you see fit. No locked cells or sheets. Edit or extend to fit your project's needs.

Lifetime Updates

If your deal template is updated in the future, you'll be notified by email that you can download an update.